Collaborating with content specialists, we travel with our clients from script to screen. We are engaged with our partners to study how students learn information in highly complex scientific topics. We transform the ‘textbook’ into an interactive format that will keep the learner’s interest and improve retention. Our content provides both students and lay learners with the ability to learn about fascinating and relevant topics in an immersive, engaging environment that will enhance retention and interest. Research has shown that students studying visually rich materials retain more of the content over time than do students who study non-visual, text-based material. We have experience supplying audience-appropriate animations to major museums (Smithsonian, Museum of Science and Industry, CT Children’s Science Center, San Francisco Cable Car Museum); broadcasters (HBO, NBC, PBS, Discovery), universities (Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, UCSF, etc.), publishers (Lippincott, Oxford University Press, etc), DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects AGENCY) and many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies.


e.mersion studio creates state-of-the-art scientific animation in the service of scientific education. We create memorable, immersive visuals that merge traditional text-based content with the highly engaging effects of cinematic-quality 3D animations.